3 signs you need gas appliance servicing

Cooking is something you do daily, getting food ready for your family and prepping meals for get-togethers with friends. So, when your gas oven starts acting up or stops working properly, you have quite the problem on your hands.

When you need a gas stove service at home, calling a professional appliance repair company will get your kitchen appliance back up and running quickly. What are some signs that your gas appliance needs servicing?

Gas stove service at home
Gas stove service at home

1. Burner flame is too low

No matter how high you turn your burner flame up on your gas stove, it just doesn’t seem to provide enough heat. When the burner’s flame is too low to cook anything at a reasonable temperature, you are left making cold meals for your family.

What could be wrong with your burner?

  • There might be too little air supply to feed the flame
  • Air could be constricted in the shutter, not allowing the burner to support a proper flame
  • There might be an issue with the distribution of gas in your appliance’s system
  • Gas stove services are a specialty of appliance repair companies, so it is best to call them for a diagnosis. When dealing with gas stove issues, professional technicians know how to safely deal with gas-related issues. It’s never a good idea to attempt a repair on your own. You don’t want to burn yourself or set fire to your home, so leave it to the professionals.

    2. Gas Odours

    As you cook up onions and peppers on your gas stovetop, you start to smell something out of the ordinary – a strong gas smell. If this smell does not dissipate within minutes, then it may be cause for concern.

    Why is there a strong smell of gas coming from your stove?

  • The pilot light is out
  • There could be a gas leak
  • Unburned gas
  • faulty valve
  • Smelling gas when your burners are off is completely abnormal and you should evacuate your house to be on the safe side. Call 911 as a gas leak can combust and explode at any moment. You will be informed by the emergency team if any further action is necessary.

    It is a good idea to get an appliance technician to provide you gas stove service at home and identify any repairs necessary. A professional will have the parts needed or place an order for them if your gas stove requires fixing.

    Growing Rust

    Preparing for your get-together with friends, you notice a substantial amount of rust on your gas stove. Rust is a cause for concern, especially if it expands. Your health is at risk and your appliance could incur further damage.

    Why is there rust on your burners?

  • Oxidation
  • Break down of the surface’s protective film
  • Not taken care of very well (example: not cleaned with every use)
  • Damage to the metal surface
  • Gas stove services are important when rust begins to grow on your appliance. Rust encourages bacterial growth which is a health hazard. Keep yourself and those around you away from this danger by calling a professional repair person to pinpoint exactly why rust is growing on your stove so they can fix the problem.

    Take care of your appliances by getting them serviced regularly. Gas stove service at home is an essential part of keeping your gas appliances from faulting or quitting on you.

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