4 Secret tips to clean and maintain your dishwasher



Calgary Dishwasher Repair | Are you unloading dishes from your dishwasher only to find there is scum on them? Does your dishwasher emit foul smells? Before calling appliance repair services in Calgary, follow these maintenance tips for a clean dishwasher.

Dishwasher appliance repair
Dishwasher appliance repair

1. Clean the filter

All dishwashers are a bit different, but most will have a trap that catches large food particles too big to go down the drain. Look for the spot where water drains out and you will find a filter. Food particles that get stuck here can cause your dishwasher to smell a little funky.

  • Take the filter out of your dishwasher
  • Shake off any loose food particles into your garbage
  • Rinse the filter under warm soapy water
  • Wipe out the area where the filter is installed
  • Place your filter back into its spot
  • You might just find the smell from your appliance has gone away.

    2. Check and clean the spinning arms

    Sometimes when dishes get placed into the dishwasher, they get in the way of the spinning arms. These arms need to be able to move freely to allow the water to spray everywhere so your dishes come out clean. Checking and cleaning the spinning arms is key in ensuring your dishwasher works properly.

  • Depending on how laden with minerals the arms are, you might have to remove them from the dishwasher and clean them with vinegar. If they are not too bad you can use a wire, pipe cleaner, or toothpick to clean out the nozzles
  • Wipe down the sprayer arms with a gentle cloth and some soapy warm water
  • Run a full dishwasher cycle to see if your dishes come out cleaner. If not, there could be a problem with one of the mechanical parts and you may need to call for dishwasher appliance repair.

    3. Touch up the racks

    You may have noticed some of your favourite mugs have chips around the edges after being in the dishwasher. Anything you put in the dishwasher can chip if your racks are rusted. How do your dishes get banged up? When the exposed metal touches your dishes during a wash cycle, the movement can cause them to become chipped because there is no longer a protective vinyl layer.

  • Check all your racks for chips
  • Repair the chipped racks with dishwasher rack touch up products or buy new racks if they are extremely rusted
  • Next time you go to wash your dishes, all of them will be safely cleaned. As a bonus, the new or repaired racks will make your dishwasher look better.

    4. Unclog the drain

    After several uses, your dishwasher drain can become clogged. A plugged drain prevents the dirty water from exiting after the wash cycle so your dishes will come out still looking dirty. Instead of getting frustrated, unclog the drain. Where is the drain located? You can find it at the bottom of the inside of your dishwasher.

  • Disconnect the dishwasher from the electrical source
  • Unscrew the drain and take off the cover
  • Take any large pieces of food and debris out of the drain with your hands
  • Use a brush or cloth to remove small bits from the drain
  • Put the drain back on in the reverse order you removed it
  • If you have completed all four tips above, try running another cycle through your dishwasher and you will likely find it works. Maintaining your dishwasher will keep your dishes free of scum marks and damage.

    If you still notice your dishwasher is not doing its job properly, you should call professional appliance repair services in Calgary to get things working again.

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