Dishwasher Repair Calgary

Dishwasher Repair Calgary

Dishwasher Repair Calgary

Your dishwasher is a lifesaver especially after a large gathering when you have plenty of dirty dishes to clean up. After loading up the silverware, glassware, plates, and pots you are ready to start the cleaning cycle. Everything seems to be fine as you heard your dishwasher cycling through the settings and now it’s time to put your clean dishes away. Something is wrong. When you go to take the dishes out of your dishwasher you notice they are still dirty. Now, you have a bunch of plates and glasses to clean before bed and it is already super late. You need dishwasher repair!

It is times like these that you wish you had a dishwasher repair technician on hand but wait! You can call New Star Appliance Repair and we will fix your dishwasher issue in no time at all.

Why have a dishwasher repair?

A new dishwasher can cost upwards of $850, never mind the disposal, time and effort of having it installed etc. You’ll be surprised that once we repair your dishwasher, you can often get many more years service from it

All our dishwasher repairs have full warranty

Yes, we can offer you a 3-month warranty on our repair work and a one year warranty on all the parts.


Features and benefits

3 Months
Repair Warranty

No Service Call
Charge with Repair

1 Year Manufacturer
Part Warranties


Same Day
Repair Service

Fully Licensed
and Insured

10% Discount on Your Next Repair Within 3 Months


What are some common problems with dishwashers?

  • Leaking water: When the water starts to leak from your dishwasher, it could be due to damage of the pump or a faulty door that is allowing the water to leak out.
  • Stops draining: If your dishwasher is not draining there could be something stuck in the drain hose, causing it to stop flushing out the water.
  • Continuously draining: Do you constantly hear the noise of your dishwasher draining away? If it is on non-stop drainage mode it could be that water has leaked into the cabinet base, triggering an anti-flood switch that is now engaged.
  • Water is filling in the dishwasher when it is off: When water bleeds into your appliance while it is not being used this could mean the drain hose is lying flat causing the drain water to back up into your appliance.
  • Detergent unable to dispense: The dispenser might be stuck preventing the spring from operating properly and dispensing the detergent.
  • Dishes are no longer drying: Have your dishes started coming out of the dishwasher wet even though you put the dry cycle on? The vent might not be opening properly causing moisture to stay on your dishes.
  • Unfinished cycles: The water inlet valve could be clogged which stops the water from flowing, stopping the cycles of your dishwasher.
  • Dishes come out dirty: You just pulled your dishes out of the washer to find they are all still dirty. What could have happened? Your docking station that provides water to the middle of the spray arms could be cracked or broken causing the water to stop spraying down your dishes.
  • Glasses come out of your dishwasher cloudy and white: Your glasses could be coming out with a film because the water your dishwasher is dispensing is not hot enough to get rid of the residue left on your glasses.
  • Broken door latch: Your safety switch could be broken meaning the door won’t close because the appliance thinks there will be an issue, so it won’t allow you to close the door and start the dishwashing.

Questions and answers about your dishwasher

What detergent is best for my dishwasher?

Renowned brands of pod-style dissolving packets are usually best for your dishwasher. They reduce the chances of overuse and known brands typically work better.

Does a dishwasher cause my electricity bill to rise?

Your electrical bill will not be greatly affected by the use of a dishwasher. This type of appliance is highly energy efficient, normally using only a kilowatt of energy for every wash.

What should I do to prepare for the repair person’s arrival?

Before your technician comes out to fix your dishwasher, you should remove anything inside the washer like glasses and dishes so extra time is not taken when your service person arrives. A vacant space ensures none of your personal items get broken while allowing the repair person to see clearly inside your dishwasher and move it around as necessary. Avoid trying to deal with a broken dishwasher on your own. Unless you are a certified technician you may end up with a bigger problem than you started with. Call for our dishwasher repair in Calgary and the surrounding area for quality service and the results you need to get your dishes clean again.

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I am very satisfied with Mikes work. He done my dishwasher quickly and professionally. So much appreciated.

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Mike diagnosed the refrigerator’s problem in minuets. Well knowledgeable appliance technician. I will pass on his business card to others. Thanks again Mike. Merry Christmas🎄

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When my fridge stopped working, I called New Star and asked when they could come over. Mike was available and was here within an hour. …

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Mike is as honest as the day is long. Showed up on a Sunday afternoon! He’s a true pro. My fridge could not be repaired …

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Mike did an exceptional job. He was prompt, professional and knows his product. I was very pleased with his work. A very nice guy too!!!

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AMAZING JOB! Mike did a great job fixing my fridge. He was prompt, clean and professional in his service. His prices are good a well. …