Washer Repair Calgary

Washer Repair Calgary

Washer Repair Calgary | Oh No! You walked into the laundry room only to discover a huge puddle of water on the floor. You realize it is coming from your washer. Your clothes are still soaked and soapy, so you can’t just throw them in the dryer. Instead, you now have to rinse them out in the tub and hang them to dry all over your apartment. Your washing machine is broken.

You need to get your piles of laundry done and doing it all by hand is not an option. Without the use of your washer, your clothes will never come clean. How can you get your washing machine operating in time to clean all your items before the weekend? Call us for a washer repair that will fix the kinks. With a washing machine repair, we’ll get you back washing your clothes the same day.

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3 Months
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1 Year Manufacturer
Part Warranties


Same Day
Repair Service

Fully Licensed
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10% Discount on Your Next Repair Within 3 Months


Problems that commonly occur with washers

  • The washer will not turn on: The lid switch in the top load washer or door interlock in front load washer has called it quits. This switch signifies the machine to start. You might even have a blown fuse which also stops the washer from turning on.
  • The lid switch is broken: If your lid switch is broken the washer will not engage in the spin cycle. The switch needs repairing or replacing.
  • The door doesn’t open: If your washer door is not opening there could be water left in the appliance even if the cycle is complete meaning you could have a broken drain hose. 
  • Excess amount of vibrations: Do you feel like there is an earthquake every time you turn on your washing machine? The excess vibration could be caused by stretched, detached or damaged suspension springs which normally stabilize your washing machine.
  • An issue with the timer knob: The motor in your timer might be faulty and need replacement because without this knob all functions of your washer cease since the timer knob controls the operation.
  • No drainage happening: If your washer is still full of water when it is done its cycle then the drain pump might be clogged and will need to be cleared out to allow the water to flow out of the machine and exit as it should. 
  • Water overflowing: The inlet valve water pressure might be too low. 20 psi is needed to allow it to shut off but without you can have an overflow of water.
  • Loud Noise: Your washing machine is extremely loud, this could mean the tub bearing is worn out. 
  • Not filling with water: Is your washer not filling with water? You could have a faulty water valve.
  • Leaking water: If you notice your washer leaking water there could be a problem with the door seal on the washer.

What you need to know about your washer

Using a front-load detergent in a top load washing machine just means your clothes might not be as clean as they could be with the proper detergent. If, however, you use a top load detergent in a front load washer then you could be overloading your appliance with soap suds. Why? Top load detergent is very foamy and needs lots of space to move around.

  • Don’t place your washing machine near a wall in case it moves a bit and gets banged up
  • Do not leave water inside your washing machine for extended periods as this may cause rust
  • Stop overloading your washer because the motor will have to work extra hard to clean. Overloading a washer may leave you with clothes that are less clean and not completely rinsed.
  • Make sure your washer on a level surface so it does not bang around when operating. Unleveled machines can cause damage over time if the washer is constantly bouncing about. 
  • Measure your detergent correctly for the size of the load so there is not too much or too little for your machine’s capabilities; follow the manufactures recommendations.

Avoid stuffing too many items into the machine because the more that is in your washer at once, the better chance you have of having a tangled mess in the end. Never wrap your clothing around the agitator either because this can cause them to tangle as well. Your washing machine is an appliance you need to work properly. It can be disastrous if not working properly; everything from dirty laundry to a flood can be the result of a broken machine. If you notice any issues with your washer be sure to call us for repair services that you can count on!

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