Dryer Repair Calgary

Dryer Repair Calgary

Dryer Repair Calgary | It’s date night and that outfit you want to wear has been freshly washed and popped into the dryer. After you finish showering and getting your hair just right, you reach into the dryer only to notice your clothes are still soaking wet. The dryer seemed to be working and the usual sound of the drum rotating could be heard when you turned it on. What is wrong with the dryer? Why is it not drying your clothes? You had your look all planned out and now there is no time to hang dry your clothes. You will have to pick out an entirely new outfit. 

You need your dryer not only for date night but every other day too. When the laundry is piled up after the long work week and you can’t dry a single load, you need to get your dryer fixed

Calling New Star Appliance Repair  for dryer repair means you can get back to your weekend plans without any hindrance. If you suspect your dryer is not working as it should, check out some of these common reasons that could be leaving you and your laundry out to dry.

If your appliance has stopped working or is not functioning properly, contact us immediately to book your appointment today. Often times, we can even make it out on short-notice. Our friendly and qualified technicians will diagnose, recommend and repair your appliance.


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Problems that happen with dryers

  • Runs but doesn’t heat up: The controls of the circuit breaker or fuse could be blown meaning the dryer drum will rotate but no heat will be produced.
  • Runs only to shut off quickly: You could have an issue with your moisture sensor which controls the timer from advancing when your clothes are still wet.
  • Clothes don’t fully dry: The venting system might be clogged or even broken therefore not allowing proper circulation to dry your clothes, leaving them damp. 
  • Makes loud noises: You could have a worn down or damaged drum bearing or even worn-out drum glides/slides. The glides/slides are linings that take away some of the noise a dryer makes.
  • Cycle progression fails: You could have a broken-down dryer motor meaning that your dryer will not proceed through its proper cycles. It typically becomes too hot and shuts down at this point, but it could even start a fire.
  • An issue with the timer: The motor control contacts are malfunctioning which causes your timer to not work properly. This control needs fixing and adjusting to proper levels.
  • Stops working: If your dryer is not working at all you could have a blown thermal fuse or even a bad door switch. The door switch signifies when the dryer should turn on.

Answers to your dryer questions

Why do I need to remove the lint from my dryer?

Removing the lint from your dryer is important because without doing so you can cause a fire. How? The air inside your dryer can get overheated, subsequently the motor overheats and can ignite a flame if there is a lot of lint in your dryer. It is best to clear out the lint trap after every dryer cycle.

Should I use my dryer after noticing an issue with it?

We suggest you do not use your dryer if you notice anything wrong with it as this could only make matters worse. You should call us for an appliance repair as soon as possible. We will get your machine working again.

Should I have a longer or shorter dryer vent hose?

A shorter vent hose is usually the best since it doesn’t clog up with lint as quickly plus the longer the hose, the harder your dryer has to work to expel the air, taxing the motor. We know you love that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from clothes fresh out of the dryer; When your dryer stops delivering the dry goods all you have to do is call us for appliance repair near you.

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