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Prepping food for your dinner party has kept you busy in the kitchen all day. You get excited as the time nears for your guests to arrive. It’s time to fire up the gas stove and oven and start cooking but when you turn the knob you realize neither of them are working. Panic begins to set in. What is wrong with your gas range and why won’t it ignite?

Get back to your party quickly with same-day repairs from New Star Appliance Repair for excellent professional appliance services. We will do our best to get your gas stove/oven up and running so you don’t have to order out or cancel your festivities.

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What are some things that can go wrong with a gas stove and oven?

  • Weak burner flame: There could be not enough gas being supplied to the burner. This needs the help of a professional technician to adjust or make repairs to the gas supply.
  • Stove igniter continuously clicking: Do you hear the “click click click” sound? This means your gas stove igniter is not working but why? The burner could be clogged up and need clearing out to work as it should. It could also be an electrical issue.
  • Burner unable to light: The burner holes could have debris stuck in them causing your burner to have a limited gas supply therefore not enough fuel to ignite.
  • Oven door won’t close as it should: The door springs could be out of joint or broken causing the door not to shut as it should. Or there could be a problem with the locking mechanism on self-cleaning models.
  • The oven is unable to turn on: Your oven won’t turn on at all which means you might have a defective ignitor. If you smell and hear gas and the oven is not igniting, turn it off immediately and call for an appliance repair.
  • Oven overheating: There could be a blockage in your oven vent making it overheat or a problem with the thermostat.

Common questions about your gas stove and oven

As with any appliance we fix, we will take the proper time needed to ensure your gas range is up and running safely again. Most repairs can be done in the same day but it will depend on the extent of the problem.

The valve lets gas come out when you turn the dial. This gas mixes with the air and the electric ignitor creates a constant spark until the gas ignites. While in operation, your burner will appear as a blue flame. If your burner does not ignite and you smell gas, turn off the valve to prevent gas from continuously flowing without igniting.

An electric current heats up a special igniter as the valve opens and gas flows through a burner tube, the gas is then ignited. Your gas oven has a thermostat built in to control the temperature, according to the setting on the knob, while it is being used. Gas and electric range repairs are important for your safety and convenience. Do you have a problem with your gas oven or stove and need to get cooking again? Call us and we will solve the issues for you.

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