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Read our appliance repair frequently asked questions. If your question is still unanswered feel free to give us a call: (403) 462-1704 or use the form below to ask your own question.

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What sort of warranty do you offer?

We are able to offer 3 months warranty on the repair, and 1 year warranty on any manufacturer’s parts that have been replaced.

Should I bother repairing or my appliance? or just have it replaced?

When you have had an appliance for a couple of years or less and it breaks down, we would suggest a service call and repairs. In fact, it may still be on warranty. When you have a much older appliance and especially one that has had numerous repairs, we typically suggest replacing your washer, dryer, dishwasher, or stove with a newer one as your budget allows.

This decision has to do with the expected working life of your appliance. The more years your appliance has served you, the more likely it is to need repairs and there comes a point at which the more economical choice is to buy a new appliance.

Are you able to fix appliance brands not listed on your site?

Most brands of appliances we are able to fix. Sometimes, you may have a brand that is new to us. When that is the case, we will be happy to order whatever parts are needed and make your repairs as well.

What is the average appliance lifespan?

Dishwasher: 10 years

Washer: 11 years

Dryer: 14 years

Refrigerator: 15 years

Gas Oven: 15 years

Electric Stove: 15 years

Freezer: 15 years

Will my appliance be able to get fixed on the first visit?

Likely yes, over the years we have been more than 95% successful in doing repair jobs on one visit. (We keep track.) To help accomplish this goal our service vans are stocked with more than 90% of the common manufacturer parts and with all of the tools necessary to do our repairs.

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