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Stove Repair Calgary

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After a long day at work, you are ready to cook a meal but when you go to turn your electric stove/oven on you quickly realize nothing is working. You have all sorts of raw food sitting on your counter, ready to be cooked but now supper is going to have to wait. What should you do if your electric range suddenly won’t heat up?

Don’t starve, call for appliance repair in Calgary. Our technician  can fix your stove/oven so you can get back cooking dinner again. How do you know if something is wrong with your electric range?

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Problems that often occur with electric stoves and ovens

  • Burner does not heat up: You probably have a broken or frayed wire within the system that is causing the surface elements not to heat.
  • The oven does not heat up: This again, is most likely the cause of a frayed wire in your system or a broken heating element.
  • Oven burning food: Is your oven burning your food even though you are not overcooking it? There could be an error in the control panel causing the temperature settings to heat up more than the readout on the panel. 
  • Induction element won’t heat: An induction element that will not heat could mean the copper coil and wiring located beneath your stovetop is damaged. 
  • Oven not cooking food properly: Is your oven getting warm but not hot enough to actually heat and cook your food? You could have an issue with the damage to the electrical circuits or even faulty parts. Another common problem could be a damaged thermostat.
  • The oven door will not close as it should: You try and you try, but you just can’t get that oven door closed. The door springs could be broken causing your oven to remain open allowing the heat to escape into the kitchen. 
  • Unable to turn the oven on: Your electric range may need to have a fuse replaced to allow safe and functional operation. This is a common issue with electrical appliances that technicians have the know-how and parts to fix for you.

Electric stove and oven Q&A

How do I clean my electric stovetop?

A great way to clean your electric stovetop is to mix a little salt with baking soda and boiling water, creating a paste. You can wipe the surface down with a smooth cloth. Avoid using a metal pad as it will likely leave scratches across the surface of your stove. For ceramic cooktops, you will need to purchase a cleaning product designed especially for these types of stoves. Apply a small amount of salt, baking soda, and boiling water to the scratch-free pad and gently rub in circles, cleaning with a soft cloth.

What happens if I leave my electric oven on overnight by accident?

Leaving an oven on unattended for extended periods can lead to fire especially if the oven malfunctions. Also, allowing your oven to remain on extensively may decrease its lifespan over time. Always make sure you turn off the oven when you are finished using it.

Why don’t I just repair my electric stove/oven myself?

These kinds of appliances are tricky to fix on your own because there are many components to them. You might run into a complicated string of issues when you start taking apart your electric stove or oven for repair. It is never a good idea to play around with electricity, the wrong connection could cause a fire. It is best to avoid further problems with your electric range and save time by calling our professional appliance repair technician to fix the issue. When your electric range stops working, call us to get your stove or oven working again. Instead of calling Skip the Dishes or Door Dash, get your appliance fixed from a professional appliance repair company so you can cook up that delicious meal you had planned in your head.

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