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Can a microwave be repaired by a professional?

Most small kitchen appliances can be professionally repaired, including the microwave. However, is the microwave repair service worth the cost or is a replacement the better option? This depends on a number of factors which we outline below. 

Can a microwave be repaired by a professional
Can a microwave be repaired by a professional?

When to repair your microwave

If your microwave repair costs less than replacing it and the repair is relatively simple, a microwave repair service is worth it. A few straight-forward microwave repairs in Calgary include:

  • Single component problems – Problems that involve one component, such as the roller guide, burnt out lightbulb, or the touchpad not working, are common repairs that are quick and inexpensive to fix. 
  • Small malfunctions – If your food isn’t heating up evenly, you may be wondering if it’s an issue with the heating system. Sometimes, however, the fix is as simple as swapping out the roller guide, for example. Be sure to check if it’s a small malfunction before replacing your microwave altogether. 
  • Improper installation – For built-in microwaves, installation issues can be an obstructing cabinet or a loose frame. If you’re unsure, a microwave repair service can determine if it’s an installation issue or an actual problem with the internal system. 

When to replace your microwave

Loud noises when the microwave is operating or if the heating time takes longer than usual is often an indication that it’s time to replace the microwave. Generally, it’s better to replace the appliance if the repair costs more than a new, more modern version and if any of the following applies:

  • The microwave is over five years old – Microwaves can last a long time, but if you’re having consistent issues with a microwave that’s over or approaching five years old, you’re better off upgrading to a new one.  
  • Multiple problems – The more technical issues, the more expensive and time-consuming it will be to fix. When problems begin to compound, it’s usually an indication that there are more problems to come. 
  • The magnetron is broken – The magnetron is the heart of the microwave and replacing one is close to the cost of a new microwave. If the issue is with the magnetron, then it’s not worth a microwave repair and a replacement would make more sense. 
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