Help! What do you do when your dryer won’t work?



Calgary Dryer Repair | A dryer is an essential appliance in every home and when it stops working your schedule is turned upside down. It can take a whole day for all your clothes to hang dry. What if you get out of the shower only to find you are missing any clean, dry towels? You are soaking wet without a solution, yikes!

Instead of getting into a situation like this, call an appliance repair company that can fix dryer repair problems. Your situation might be more complicated than you think, and these professionals are fully trained to help you.

You can always try troubleshooting the problem on your own with these steps first.

Dryer repair work
Dryer repair work

The dryer is taking longer than normal to dry your items

You are all curled up and ready for a movie with your loved one, but wait! You want that warm blanket right out of the dryer. Opening the laundry room door, you realize the dryer is still spinning and the blanket is still wet. What is going on? Everything would normally be dry by now.

  • Trapped lint – There could be lint trapped in your dryer duct causing this appliance to take much longer to dry your things. Check the dryer duct and remove any build-up of lint to see if it helps. It is important to dispose of dryer lint from the ductwork at least every 6-12 months but try to do so more often regardless of an issue. Why? If lint is not removed, the dryer works much harder due to restricted airflow and can get out of control, causing a fire to erupt. This is much worse than a wet towel or blanket!
  • According to the National Fire Protection Association, firefighters respond to approximately 13, 820 clothes dryer fires annually. You need to fix dryer repair problems before becoming a statistic!

    Dryer keeps shutting itself off

    Opposite to the problem above, you can’t seem to keep your dryer running. This issue is super frustrating because you keep having to leave amidst cooking your dinner to turn the dryer back on. It might be time for professional dryer repair work but first, check the following:

  • Moisture sensor not working – Each dryer has a sensor typically situated in the front part of the machine. The items in your dryer come into contact with this sensor which notifies it when everything is dry therefore stopping the motor. If your sensor stops working, it will not be able to tell when your items are dry, so it finishes the cycle and shuts itself off.
  • Your sensor could just be clogged with fabric softener and need a cleaning, or it could be defective. If you have a defective sensor then you should call a professional appliance service technician to sort your problem out.

    Dryer won’t start

    Is your dryer unable to start altogether? You could need a new one but before you come to this conclusion, these are some steps you can take to be sure.

  • Tripped circuit breaker – Instead of shaking your head in your hands, check to see that the circuit breaker didn’t get tripped. How do you do this? Open the electrical panel in your home and see if there is a breaker switch out of line with the rest. If you’re lucky it might be marked “dryer” for easy location. If the breaker for your dryer is off, all you need to do is flip it back to get things started again. If it keeps going off, check with a dryer repair technician to see what is wrong.

  • Broken door switch – Door switches can break especially if you happen to close your dryer door with force. Usually, you hear a clicking sound when the door closes, making the dryer start. If you don’t hear this sound, then the door switch is most likely your issue. If you are comfortable testing this problem then you can unplug your appliance, locate the switch from the top panel, and use a multimeter (electrical measuring instrument that usually measures current, voltage, and resistance) on it. If there is no electrical energy found, it might be time to call an appliance technician to see if they can do anything for your dryer.
  • Dryer repair work will keep your appliances running smoothly. Troubleshooting your own dryer problems is always a good starting point but if you can’t fix it yourself or just want to save some time, calling a professional repair company is always a great bet!

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